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Our property rental and management service

Lamalou Immobilier offers a complete management package for long-term rental properties. This consists of two complementary support services:

- PROPERTY RENTALS : Finding, screening and selecting a suitable tenant for your property.
- PROPERTY MANAGEMENT : In addition to the above, our property management service offers a complete management package covering the whole period of the tenancy.

Are you planning to let your house on a long-term basis?

Our Property Rentals package includes:

  • 1.   A detailed viewing of your property
  • 2.   An assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of your property with a view to long-term letting.
  • 3.   Advice on any ultimate improvements that might be necessary.
  • 4.   Estimating the best rental price for a speedy let.
  • 5.   Adding the details of your property to our database.
  • 6.   Displaying the details of your property through all our advertising outlets.
  • 7.   Comparing your property details with the requirements of prospective tenants who have left their details with us.
  • 8.   Short-listing appropriate tenants after careful screening.
  • 9.   Drawing up the tenancy agreement.
  • 10.   Carrying out a detailed report of the condition of the property and the inventory at the start and end of tenant's lease, installing the tenant in the property.

Are you looking for a property management specialist?

Once your tenant is installed, we can offer a complete management service. Lamalou Immobilier offers the following property management package:

  • 1.   Management of your property accounts :
    Rent collection, paying bills, monthly transfer of the rental income to your account, settling service charges, etc.
  • 2.   Management of the legal aspect of your property :
    insurance claims, tenancy renewals, lease cancellation notices, insurance certificates, rental adjustments, etc.
  • 3.   Management of the practical aspects of your property :
    Managing unforeseen breakdowns. Overseeing property maintenance and managing any maintenance work that you deem necessary.
  • 4.   Securing the financial aspects of your property
    Overseeing tenants and applying appropriate legal methods concerning rent and prompt rent payments.
  • 5.   We propose an insurance policy that covers unpaid rent and property damage.